The Paradigm Promise: “To deliver the best possible return on investment”


Paradigm Properties Inc. is a dynamic, privately held commercial asset and property management firm founded in 1996. Paradigm was established to fill the need for a truly accountable and capable Ottawa-based commercial property management. With over 20 years of commercial real estate experience including development, brokerage, consulting and asset management, Paradigm Properties offers comprehensive management services to owners and tenants.

Regardless of where you are in the commercial property management spectrum, Paradigm Properties’ mission is to deliver the best possible return on investment to our clients. We invite you to tour our website to find out how we can give you the personal attention your investment deserves.


Paradigm is always looking to add new building owners to our portfolio of clients in Ottawa. These clients include:

  • New investors in the market
  • Owners of underperforming office buildings, shopping malls, industrial condominiums, and apartment buildings who are looking for better returns
  • Building owners looking for advice on how to prepare their buildings for sale in the near future
  • Investors searching for additional properties to add to their portfolio

If your existing commercial property has vacancies and you would like more tenants, Paradigm’s management services can help. Perhaps you do not want to own 100% of a property. Paradigm can help you find the right investment partner.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your investment goals or to request a commercial property management review. We look forward to hearing from you!



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“As a tenant of a building formerly managed by Paradigm, I can speak highly both of the level of professionalism shown by Paradigm staff, as well as the attention of the company to the needs of the tenants. As a tenant I always felt heard, and that created a sense of loyalty to the landlord, and therefore to staying in the building while Paradigm was the manager.”

Former Tenant, Ottawa Law Firm

“It has been a pleasure to work with Paradigm over the last 7 years. Their staff are responsive and have that “hands on approach” that we expect from our providers. Paradigm have a pragmatic method of dealing with issues with a balance to efficiency and cost while achieving overall tenant and landlord satisfaction. It’s refreshing to deal with a company who is relationship based!”

Terra Attard, Agellan Commercial Reit

“Having had the experience of being both a Tenant and an  Investor with Paradigm, we are never made to feel anything other than a priority. As an investor, we recognize and appreciate the transparency in the professional advice and service provided by Paradigm. Having limited prior ownership experience, Paradigm helped us understand and manage our commercial properties. Foremost, we appreciate feeling in control of our investments. As a Tenant, we know that we can trust that Paradigm will always strive to exceed our expectations for a professional management team..

Current Tenant & Property Investment Partners

“We were trying to run the building ourselves. First as the owner occupying half the space. Later strictly as a landlord. If we had known then what we do now about Paradigm’s exceptional service, processes and knowledge we would have been much further ahead financially outsourcing to them…and would have had fewer sleepless nights. Highly recommend the Paradigm property and asset management team.”

Don Hewson, President, 601 Bank Street Enterprises Inc.

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