Leasing Coordination

With over 30 years of commercial lease experience, Paradigm offers a comprehensive lease program including vacancy postings, website advertising, broker cooperation, tenant showings, credit checking, negotiation and lease documentation (from offer to lease), landlord work, tenant work and welcome packages.

We provide turn-key solutions for local businesses in the greater Ottawa area. We strive to develop long-term, reliable relationships. Our quality properties are ideal for a range of business types, and our years of expertise in the commercial property field is unparalleled.

Read MoreWhether you’re looking for an office for your new technology venture, or have vacant units in your existing commercial space, our company can provide the guidance and support you need to succeed in your space.

Paradigm administers all leases and acts as the leasing coordinator for any available spaces in a client’s building. All offers to lease would be delivered to Paradigm for analysis and all offers would be presented by Paradigm to the building owner and accompanied by our written analysis and recommendations. Any authority for all decisions will, of course, remain with the building owner.

Once approved, the tenant’s needs are assessed. We offer all levels of service from Turn-key construction for the tenant and landlord to landlord oversight projects. Paradigm prides itself in dotting I’s, crossing T’s. No corners are ever cut. Therefore, your building is under our watchful eye to ensure that the most cost effective, safest results are met.

When all the paperwork is signed and the tenant has taken possession of the space, they are provided with a comprehensive Tenant Starter package. The package outlines all procedures, contact information for their direct property manager during office hours as well as information surrounding our 24-hour, 365 emergency call service system in which a member of the Paradigm staff is always available in case of emergency.

This package is delivered by the Paradigm Team as a whole. We always make sure there is a face with our name. Not only is this building one of your largest investments, the businesses within it are your tenants’ largest investment as well. We strive to ensure everyone knows that Paradigm recognizes the value in their asset as well yours and that no matter what, they have a team rooting for them.

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