When an Unbiased and Frank Expert Opinion is Required

Sometimes everyone just needs a little nudge in the right direction. If you own a commercial property and just simply need a different perspective on how to make it more profitable for your future, we will provide an unbiased, frank expert opinion. Paradigm has the qualified, property management and commercial space experience that you may not have in-house. We carefully analyze your situation and make property management recommendations that are in your best interest.

Diligence Services

Do you know what you are buying/selling? Find out before committing. Coordination of a proper and comprehensive Due Diligence study is intensive but critical. A vendor who knows his property as a purchaser may discover it, can pre-empt issues which otherwise could have been potential deal breakers. The need for intense Due diligence prior to purchase cannot be over emphasized. There is just reason for the expression “Let the buyer beware”! Surprises in commercial buildings are rarely pleasant. It is prudent to investigate thoroughly first. Paradigm has been there and done that many, many times.

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There are lease clauses that, unless interpreted correctly could mean the difference between a profitable investment and a sinking ship. Building studies are a must but unless you assess the required work against your lease parameters and cash flows, you could end up funding a property that you should never have.

Our proven due diligence and research services include:

  • Leasing studies
  • Demographic/market analysis and reporting
  • Financial analysis
  • Building studies
  • Construction feasibility
  • Maintenance cost budgeting

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